Before the surgery. I had infectious ulcers in my left foot and a lot of edema was persistent which could not be taken care of even by a crepe bandage. I came across Dr. Anand Somaya while I was surfing the net for a remedy of vericose veins.His credentials were not difficult to be established as he is a renowned Vascular surgeon of Mumbai and is a known name in the medical field. I approached him for investigation when he advised me alternate day dressing of the ulcer with H2O2, Eusol and some anti biotic ointment. After about 2 months, when my wound was declared to be non infectious by the compounder doing the dressing, I got my colour Doppler test done and sent the scanned report to Dr. Somaya. He decided that my case was now fit for the laser surgery. At that time he was abroad. Upon his return to India, I went to Mumbai on 11th October, consulted Dr. Somaya, got admitted in the Cumballa Hill Hospital on 12th morning, got operated in the afternoon, discharged from the hospital on 13th morning and flew back to my home on the same evening.The overnight hospitalisation was essential as the surgery was done under G.A.


  1. The ulcer had to be got dressed for almost 5 months( on alternate days ) to see it almost disappear
  2. The edema has almost gone
  3. "Good Bye" to the crepe bandage
I only hope, it does not recur as they say, Vericose Veins have no permanent solution. But Dr. Anand Somaya is confident of this mode of treatment. I pray and hope that his confidence reinforces more and more and the patients suffering from vericose veins get relief. AMEN!! 

Respected Doctor saheb,
It has been a long time since I last reported to you. Now, there is no edema in my leg. Occasionally, a little swelling is seen, which disappears on its own,. I am not wearing a crepe bandage any more.As for the ulcer is concerned, it has also cured ( except for a tiny spot of a sesame seed size)which is also dry.

I feel a little heaviness in the lower part of the leg, which, I am sure, will also cure with time.I am regularly going for brisk walking for about 4.5 kms a day, about 5 days in a week. The heaviness has nothing to do with that, though.

Now, please advise for any precautions to be taken as they say varicose veins recur even after surgery.

If ever you happen to visit Jaipur, please inform me as I would be too privileged to greet you here.

With warm regards
Ravindra Mittal